Capture any color on any surface with the world's
most advanced portable color digitizer.

See color. Get color.

From paint to fabric, reveal the entire world of color.
With Cube, capturing color is just a tap away.

The science of color.

Cube’s precision optics measure the amount of red, green and blue in each color by blocking out ambient light. With each and every Cube factory tuned to deliver
super-human color accuracy, you might think it’s magic. We call it science.

Cube apps.

Express your creativity with beautiful apps built to make Cube even better.
Find perfect paint matches, magically import real color into Photoshop, 
and a whole lot more.

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At home. And on the go.

Inspiration can strike anywhere, so Cube is built to always be with you. No display means it's half the weight and size of other color measurement tools so you can carry it in your top pocket (if you're a pro like that) or let it chill on your desk, like the rest of us.

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