The world’s first smart
paint matching device.
Measure the color of anything with Pico. No more taking photos of a color or searching through a color book. Just walk up to a color and record it — instantly, precisely and forever.
Order Pico — $49
Color at your fingertips.
So small it feels like an extension of your hand — industry leading color accuracy in a tiny size that’s as easy to carry as it is to use.
Pico App.
A perfect match.
Pico is designed to work with the groundbreaking Pico App for color novices and experts alike. Whether you’re a painter, a graphic designer or a beautician, the Pico App has you covered.
Pico App
Beautiful inside.
And out.
Status light.
Quickly glance to check Pico's status. Green means you're good to go.
Lanyard included.
We've included a handy carrying lanyard you can attach directly to Pico for color on the go.
Minimal impact.
Assembled entirely without screws, glue or harmful metals — a remarkable 99% of Pico's parts are readily recyclable.
One button is all it takes.
Designed to be easy to use. Press to record a color. Press and hold to turn Pico off. That's it.
Fast charging.
Pico's built-in battery lasts over a month on a single charge. If you run out of power, 15 minutes of charge and you're back to 100%.
Design with purpose.
A single piece of hard anodised aluminium is delightful to touch — yet at just over 2 inches tall Pico can reach even the smallest spaces.
An artful science.
Calibrated illuminators flood the surface with controlled bursts of red, green and blue light. Reflected light is instantaneously measured by an advanced micro color sensor that sends raw data for processing by our next-generation Color Engine 2 chip — adjusting for environmental factors such as ambient temperature to deliver a consistent, precise and reliable color reading.
Order Pico — $49
Take Pico home today.
Worldwide delivery.
Order Pico — $49

Size, Weight and Color
Unit Dimensions:
2.3 inches high (60 mm)
0.7 inches wide (18 mm)
0.6 inches long (15 mm)
Aperture Dimensions:
0.3 inches (7.8 mm)
0.1 inches (2.3 mm)
1.8 ounces (50 g)

You'll need
Smartphone or tablet with:
Bluetooth Smart 4.0 or higher
iOS 9.0 or higher
Android 4.3 or higher

Color Technology
High dynamic range micro color sensor
Integrated light baffle
Tri-stimulus flood illuminators
Palette Color Engine 2
Automatic temperature control
Inter-device repeatability < 1.0 ∆E


What's in the Box
Your Pico with one handy lanyard and one charging cable. Plus many colorful times ahead.
Developers welcome with open APIs.
Access Pico SDK for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows and start building amazing experiences with Pico today.
Access the Pico SDK
Pico App
We designed Pico and Pico App together from the ground up to deliver incredible color features in the palm of your hand.
Instantly view your color.
In less than a second your scanned color appears inside the Pico App.
Preview how it looks in real life.
Quickly visualise a color using the beautiful scenes we’ve designed for you.
Learn detailed color data.
Dive deep into color data with handy readouts.
Color Match
Never fumble through a color book again.
Find the perfect color match from the dozens of included collections, or create your own custom matching collection for complete color control.

British Standards
Crown Trade
Donald Kaufman
Dunn Edwards
ECOS Organic
Farrow & Ball
Interpon RAL
Kelly Moore
Rainbow Paint
RAL Classic
RAL Design
Royal Horticultural Society
Silk Colors P&C
Compare Colors
Side by side color comparisons.
Want to compare colors? Pico plus Pico app will breakdown two colors in remarkable detail. Keep scanning to keep comparing — don’t worry, every comparison is saved for later. How incomparable.
100.0 dE
Home renovation made easy.
Projects takes the stress out of painting — from calculating coverage to saving your color selections, it all happens in one handy place. As your Project grows, easily add Spaces to keep track of your home renovation.
Photoshop Integration
Drop real color into Photoshop.
Want a better way of picking colors in Photoshop? Great. Just tap Scan and Pico automagically loads the color into your swatches panel, ready to be used or matched to color.